LIFE Languages™

 The language of understanding, appreciation and connection.

In order to Get the best out of any relationship, we must know how to give of our best.
Knowing how and why we Feel, Think and Act the way we do is the beginning of self awareness, which opens the door to understanding others.


Do you want to be understood and appreciated for who you are, without having to try to explain yourself all the time? 

Would you like to know how to understand and appreciate those around you at work and home more?

We can help.

Research has shown that the number one reason for relationship failure whether at work or home, is down to little or no understanding of how or why people communicate the way they do. That failure and miscommunication leads to developing coping strategies, which lead to disconnection, which leads to a total breakdown of those relationships.

That breakdown in those relationships causes stress and anxiety and if not sorted, leads to poor performance, low morale and quite often resignations whether from work or personal relationships.

If there is a willingness to learn How to resolve those communication problems/breakdowns we can help! 

Most of the time it's like we all speak a different language and often we do. At the LIFE Languages Institute, it was recognised that there seven LIFE Languages and whilst we all speak all of them we all have a preferred or top language we communicate in.

Those seven languages are broken down into three distinct and different areas and they are Feeling languages, Action languages and Thinking languages, and once you know which is your preferred or natural language your self-awareness and knowledge increases.

By knowing How and Why we and those around us Feel, Act and Think the way we do, helps us to understand and appreciate ourselves and others and gives us the ability to communicate in their preferred communication language. That knowledge is so powerful and yet simple to implement is the foundation of any good/great relationships.

We can all learn how to recognise, appreciate and speak anyone's LIFE Language and enjoy profitable and rewarding work and personal relationships. A good start point is to take your own communication profile (click here) and then join one of our foundation seminars.

We offer a number of seminars, webinars and workshops. Below are just some of them.

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  • A one day foundation seminar:  An illuminating, informative and fun day where you will learn how recognise each of the 7 LIFE Languages™, how they work, and what the benefits of understanding them are. You will also know how and why you process incoming communication the way you do and, how others may perceive and receive you. You will discover the four success keys that strengthen and deepen any relationship, the two development habits that ensure greater understanding of self and others, how to recognise the three distress flares and what they mean, plus a whole lot more. 
  • A 20+ page personal profile that describes which languages you find easy to speak and understand, and those you need to work on in order to better understand yourself and those around you. Discover your personal profile below today. (Cost $55)
  • Couples coaching: Take away the guesswork about your partner. Remove "coping" strategies and replace them with a greater understanding, respect and love for each other.
  • Life and work assessment: Identify your passion, gifts and calling.  Which are the best areas for you to work in, and which ones to avoid
  • Plus ... 

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  •  A one-day foundation seminar similar to the personal one as described above but this one is geared to help those in business, charities, churches and other organisations
  • A 20+ page personal profile  that describes which languages you find easy to speak and understand, and those you need to work on in order to better understand yourself and those around you. Discover your personal profile below today. (Cost $55)
  • Effective team building and communication: Reduce misunderstandings, mistakes and costly conflicts. Boost morale, performance and profits.
  • Management and Leadership styles: How to recognise, understand and work with them effectively.
  • Create a culture of honour and understanding:. Reduce stress, absenteeism and apathy. Increase retention, reliability and cooperation.
  • Executive and one-on-one coaching: Increase your awareness and therefore your effectiveness of how you operate, communicate, and relate with those around you. 
  • Conflict resolution: How and why conflict occurs, the damage it causes and how to resolve it. 

- We can also design a bespoke package to meet your requirements -


Discover WHY you THINK, FEEL and ACT the way you do and take your personal profile today.
Then contact us to find out more ... you'll be glad you did.