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The heart of great communication

To be able to communicate clearly and effectively is important in any relationship - at work and at home it’s crucial. 

It is the number one skill that brings and maintains harmony and understanding to any relationship, and yet we aren’t taught it. Until now!

That lack of knowledge leads to poor communication and misunderstandings and is the number one reason for relationship breakdowns at work, at home or at play.

We all want to be heard, understood and appreciated for who we are and not just for what we do and yet how many us are?

Learning and applying the LIFE Languages™️ helps us build, restore, and maintain healthy and productive relationships both at home and at work. 

It’s easy to learn, quick to use and highly effective in all situations. 

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Great communication begins with self awareness and that awareness opens the door to understanding others.

How often do you say to yourself things like:

"why do I get so many ideas and why do I get bored so easily?""why do I get pleasure from finishing a task or project and get stressed when I can't?" "why do I enjoy encouraging and connecting with people and feel uneasy when I can't do that?""why do I care so much about people and projects and take things so personally?" "why am I always thinking about the plan and get frustrated if people don't support it?""why is managing life and resources so important to me and stressful when I can't manage?" "why do I spend so much time thinking about things and find it hard to make quick decisions?"

When thinking about others, how often have you thought things like:

"why are they so unreliable ... they never finish anything?" "why do they get so stressed if the plan changes and they can't finish?" "why do they over promise and under deliver?""why do they wear their heart on their sleeve so much?""why do they always have to take charge and make all the plans?" "why are they trying to micro manage everything?”"why do they think so much and not take action sooner?"

Knowing why we ask these questions, and what the answers are, is a major key to understanding ourselves and communicating effectively with those around us.

At the LIFE Languages™️ Institute, it was discovered that there are seven LIFE Languages™️ and whilst everyone speaks all seven of them, we all have preferred top LIFE languages™️ that we will communicate in. In order to effectively build successful relationships at work and at home we need to know how to recognise and communicate in all seven of the LIFE languages™️.

You can discover this quick and easy method to successful relationships by completing your own communication profile and joining one of our workshops/seminars. We look forward to meeting you!

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