We combine the power of life changing tools, techniques and training, with our years of experience, understanding, and passion. 

to produce productive and profitable results fast.  

Every relationship is made up of individuals and we are all unique, we all have strengths and we all have weaknesses that may hold us back, but how many of us know what they are, how to build upon them or overcome/remove them?

In order to get the best out of any relationship we must understand ourselves first before we can understand others. Self awareness is such a powerful key in beginning to unlock, open up and develop relationships with others.

We begin our journey with our clients by helping them fully understand, appreciate and value who they are. WHY they FEEL, THINK and ACT the way they do, so they are more able to to recognise and accurately assess HOW they communicate with others and the impact that has on them.

Knowing how and why we Feel, Think and Act the way we do is the beginning of self awareness. By also knowing how how those around us  also process can be life changing! 

Some self awareness questions

How many times do we say to ourselves things like:

  • "why do I get so many ideas and why do I get bored so easily"
  • "why am I always thinking about the plan and get frustrated if people don't support it?"
  • "why do I get pleasure from finishing a task or project and get stressed when I can't?" 
  • "why do I enjoy encouraging and connecting with people and feel uneasy when I can't do that?"
  • "why do I care so much about people and projects and take things so personally ?" 
  • "why is managing life and resources so important to me and stressful when I can't manage?" 
  • "why do I spend so much time thinking about things and find it hard to make quick decisions?" 

Some others awareness questions

When thinking about or observing others we say things like:

  • "why are they so unreliable ... they never finish anything?
  • "why do they always have to take charge and make all the plans?"  
  • "why do they get so stressed if the plan changes?" 
  • "why do they over promise and under deliver?"
  • "why do they have wear their heart on their sleeve so much?'
  • "why are they trying to micro manage everything?"

Knowing the answers to these and other life/relationship questions is powerful and brings enormous  benefits to all concerned.  

  Jenni leading a leaders retreat and workshop in the Netherlands

Jenni leading a leaders retreat and workshop in the Netherlands


By understanding, appreciating and accepting ourselves, we are better equipped to do the same for those around us. Knowing how to recognise and remove limiting and potentially harmful beliefs and behaviours within ourselves removes our "buttons" that others knowingly or unlknowingly press.

The less buttons we have the greater freedom we have, the greater freedom we have the more peaceful and productive relationships we have.


If we want others to understand, accept and appreciate us, then we must learn to do the same for them. We can give you insights, tools and training to build better, more harmonious and productive relationships and then, support you as you learn to apply them.

We offer a number of seminars, webinars, workshops and online courses for individuals, couples, teams and organisations. Below are just some of them, we also can design a bespoke package to meet your requirements. 

Personal and Home Life.

  • A personal profile on how and why you Think, Feel and Act the way you do and how that may impact the way you and others see you. Learn the four keys for successful communication. 
  • Couples coaching pre and post marriage. Take away the guesswork about your partner. Remove "coping" strategies and replace them with a greater understanding, respect and love for each other.
  • Life and work assessment. Identify your passion, gifts and calling.  Which are the best areas for you to work in, and which ones to avoid


  • Effective team building and communication. Reduce misunderstandings, mistakes and costly conflicts. Boost moral, performance and profits.
  • Management and Leadership styles. How to recognise, understand and work with them effectively.
  • Create a culture of honour and understanding. Reduce stress, absenteeism and apathy. Increase retention, reliability and cooperation.
  • Executive and one on one coaching. Increase your awareness and therefore your effectiveness of how you operate, communicate, and relate with those around you. 
  • Conflict resolution. How and why conflict occurs, the damage it causes and how to resolve it.