Testimonials from church clients

Here are some video testimonials from different Church leaders who have completed LIFE Languages with Jenni and Paul and the impact it's had on their relationships, teams and organisations.


Ben Jackson

Executive Director of Catch The Fire Toronto

Gordon Harris

Director of the School of Ministry Catch The Fire Toronto

David Bonnet

School of Ministry Pastor and Operations Manager at Catch The Fire Toronto

Jonathan Clarke

Worship Pastor at Catch The Fire Toronto


The life languages seminar is the most helpful team building tool that we as a team have used to date. Not only does it help you to understand yourself better, but also those with whom you live and work. I highly recommend LIFE Languages™.

John Arnott, Founding Pastor, Catch The Fire Toronto

Life Languages™ is an amazing tool to benefit relationships! I’ve benefited from this course in two ways. I understand the other leaders at our church much better and I now have a skill set to be able to understand why they think and vocalise the way they do. The second way is far more important to me. My relationship with my wife and children is better because of taking Life Languages™. Now we understood each other’s languages, we are not only able to communicate better, but we work as a team much more effectively. Paul and Jenni are two of the most amazing people you will want to meet. They are incredibly life giving as individuals and more so as a couple. They model all that is good in life, in relationships, and in business. They are great communicators who will help you on your personal journey! I highly recommend Life Languages™!

Steve Long, Senior Pastor, Catch The Fire, Toronto